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B.E. Harmon

About the Author

B.E. Harmon

Eatonville is the first incorporated all-black town in the United States, also is important in African-American history as home of Zora Neale Hurston, the Harlem Renaissance writer known for her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. And like Zora, B.E. Harmon, was born and raised in that same town that sits in Orange County Florida, six miles North of Orlando to the proud parents of Leonard and Linda Harmon.

Growing up in the housing projects better known as “Chocolate City” B.E. HARMON fell in love with book’s while attending Hunger Ford Elementary School

It would be years later while attending Edgewater High School when he would attempt to write his first novel; after completing his 10 chapter short story he was told that the book wasn’t worth reading so he threw it in the trash, along with any dreams or admiration of writing again. Ten years later, B.E. HARMON tried his hand in the stock market as a Day Trader [trading for six years] along with his childhood friend Daniel Gamble. Being a Day Trader, B.E. HARMON was making enough money to support his wife and two children but for him he felt like something was missing, it was during that chapter of his life he found the urge to give it another try, but this time around he he took it upon himself to learn the proper way of putting a book together.

Just like Zora did, Not wanting to put all his eggs in one basket he knew he still had to provide for his family so he started HARMON MEDIA GROUP LLC as well as WEST BROWN LLC, an ATM MACHINE Company; and after eight months of studying he wrote his first novel “ALL IN” as well as three other books.

Currently B.E. HARMON resides in Leesburg fl, with his childhood sweetheart and wife of nearly twenty years , two sons Abdul and Leonard as well as four grand children and his mother Linda.

In the year of 2024 B.E. HARMON is working on making book writing his full time job as well as trying his hand in stage plays and movie scripts while pushing the envelop with HARMON MEDIA GROUP LLC to bring it all to fruition.

Franklin Publishers Editorial Review

B.E. Harmon’s “ALL IN” emerges as a compelling addition to contemporary urban fiction, drawing from the author’s intimate connection with Eatonville, Florida, and his deep-rooted narrative prowess. Set against the backdrop of Eatonville, the first incorporated all-black town in the United States and renowned for its cultural significance, Harmon delivers a narrative that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.

The novel explores the lives of its characters with a keen eye for detail, portraying their struggles, aspirations, and interpersonal dynamics with vivid clarity. Harmon’s prose is evocative, painting a vivid picture of Eatonville that feels both familiar and enlightening. The setting itself becomes a character, influencing and shaping the experiences of the protagonists in profound ways.

What sets “ALL IN” apart is Harmon’s ability to blend poignant storytelling with thematic richness. The novel tackles themes of ambition, identity, and community with nuance, offering readers a nuanced exploration of contemporary urban life. The characters are intricately developed, each with their own arcs that contribute to the narrative’s depth and resonance.

Harmon’s narrative voice is compelling and authentic, reflecting his personal insights and experiences. His portrayal of Eatonville and its residents feels genuine, capturing the essence of a community navigating through challenges and aspirations. The plot unfolds seamlessly, drawing readers into a world where every page turn reveals new layers of intrigue and emotion.

Overall, “ALL IN” stands as a testament to B.E. Harmon’s talent as a storyteller and his commitment to portraying the complexities of urban life with honesty and compassion. This novel is not only a captivating read but also a thought-provoking exploration of themes that resonate universally. It is a commendable addition to contemporary literature, showcasing Harmon’s potential to captivate and inspire readers with his narrative prowess.

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All In

In the Wake of Tragedy, Two Hearts Are Tested: “All In”

After the devastating loss of both her parents, Candy James makes a life-altering decision to leave her home state of Georgia for the sun-soaked shores of Florida. Little did she know that the invaluable life lessons her father had imparted would become her guiding light as the love of her life, Todd, is thrust back into the perilous world of drug trafficking.