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Unleash your storytelling potential with Franklin Publishers. Our expert wordsmiths transform your concepts into captivating tales with compelling plots, dynamic characters, and immersive settings that leave readers wanting more.
Writing Services

Editing & Formatting Services

Editing and Formatting
Want your writing to shine on a global stage? Franklin Publishers’ editing and formatting services ensure your manuscript meets the highest standards. Our team of diverse and experienced editors will meticulously evaluate, assess, and refine your writing.
Set your book apart with stunning visuals from our talented designers. We create eye-catching covers, captivating illustrations, and professional layouts that capture your book’s essence. Don’t Wait! Get Your Free Publishing Consultation with Franklin Publishers Today!

Design & Illustrations

Global Publishing Expertise

Publishing Professionals
With our comprehensive publishing services, we guide you through the intricate publishing landscape. Our experts handle contracts, ISBN registration, and offer the know-how for traditional and self-publishing routes.
Enable us to deliver the spark, enthusiasm, and buzz around your book. Our marketing and promotion services include customized strategies to enhance your book’s visibility, connect with your intended audience, and propel your book to new levels of success.

Global Book Marketing

Author Brand
Unlock your unique authorial voice with our tailored package. We’ll collaborate to create an authentic online presence, design a compelling author website, develop effective online persona development strategies that truly connect with your audience & more!
Navigate publishing hurdles with our legal lifelines. We handle copyright registration, contract reviews, and offer expert legal counsel to safeguard your literary creations.

Author Ascend

Author Ascend
Enhance your author journey with our “Author Ascend Academy.” Gain valuable insights, refine your writing, and master book marketing through personalized coaching and expert guidance.

Don't Wait! Get Your Free Publishing Consultation with Franklin Publishers Today!

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To determine the right services for you, we arrange sessions with our consultant team to create a roadmap tailored to your specific projects.
For aspiring authors entering the publication process, our diligent team of project managers offers a step-by-step interactive experience to guide you through the entire journey.
In self-publishing, authors retain 100% ownership of their work and benefit from a royalty split where the platform takes a smaller share, ensuring authors receive the majority. Authors maintain complete creative control and are free to distribute their work elsewhere without permission.
Branding is critical for aspiring authors as it establishes a unique and memorable identity. A strong brand enhances credibility, attracts readers, and distinguishes authors in a competitive market.

Determining if we’re the right fit can vary for each author. Let’s schedule a meeting with our literary agents to discuss your needs and goals.