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Discover the power of your storytelling abilities through our writing services. Our skilled group of wordsmiths are here to assist in transforming your concepts into captivating tales, skillfully developing compelling storylines, multi-dimensional characters, and immersive settings that will undoubtedly leave readers eager for more.
Writing Services

Writing Professionals

Editing & Formatting Professionals

Editing and Formatting
Enhance your writing to meet global benchmarks through our editing and formatting services. Our diverse team of editors will evaluate, assess and develop your writing, guaranteeing flawless grammar, improved lucidity, and a refined manuscript engaging readers from the opening page to the end.
Hop on board a visual voyage with our design services, as your talented team of designers will spark your book into a visual spectacle with stunning book cover designs, visually appealing interior layouts, and captivating illustrations that will sail the readers into the heart of your story.

Design & Illustrations

Publishing Professionals

Publishing Professionals
With our comprehensive publishing services, we’ll assist you in navigating the intricate publishing landscape. Our experts will provide guidance, review contracts, handle ISBN registration, and equip you with the know-how to confidently navigate both traditional and self-publishing routes.
Enable us to deliver the spark, enthusiasm and buzz around your book. Our marketing and promotion services encompass customized strategies to enhance your book’s visibility, connect with your intended audience, and propel your book to achieve new levels of success.

Marketing Professionals

Author Brand
Discover and express your distinct author identity through our branding services. We’ll work together to craft a potent and genuine author brand, covering aspects like your online persona, author website design, strategies for social media, and author bios that deeply connect with your readers.
Safeguard your literary creation and navigate the administrative constraints of the publishing process using our legal and administrative services. From copyright registration to reviewing literary contracts and offering extensive legal counsel, we aim to furnish the support and direction you require.

Author Ascend

Author Ascend
Heighten your authorial journey with our “Author Ascend Academy” training and development offerings. Acquire valuable insights, polish your writing abilities, and become proficient in book marketing via our workshops led by experts, webinars, and personalized coaching sessions.

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To evaluate the right services, we arrange sessions with our consultant team that provide the roadmap for the author’s designated projects.
For our aspiring authors, who are looking to enter the publication process, we provide a step-by-step interactive experience through our diligent team of project managers to aid and guide the author through the whole publication journey.
The author retains 100% ownership of their work and benefits from a royalty split. The platform’s share is smaller, ensuring the author receives the larger portion. Complete creative control remains with the author, and they are not obligated to seek permission before distributing their work elsewhere.
Branding is crucial for aspiring authors because it helps create a unique and memorable identity for them. A strong brand establishes credibility, attracts readers, and sets authors apart in a competitive market.
The answer to this may vary for each author. Let’s book you a meeting with our literary agents.